Our Water
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The following is an explanation of how we achieve the high quality water that our customers expect.

1. Saskatoon water is passed through a 60 inch filter to
remove taste and order.
2. After the carbon filter the water goes through a 5
micron filter to remove any sediment that may be left.
3. The water then goes to a cation ion exchange tank
where it collects all the positively charged ions such
as calcium,magnesium,sodium and potassium.
4. Following the cation the water goes into an anion
exchange tank to remove all the negatively charged
ions.The quality or degree of deionization is
generally expressed in terms of specfic resistance
(ohms).Ionized material in water will conduct
electricity.The more ions the more conductivity and
less resistance. When ions are removed, resistance
goes up and therefore the water quality has been
improved. We monitor our water at a low point of
50,000 ohms, 1part per million total dissolved solids.
5. Product water is again passed through a 5 micron
filter for a final polish.
6. The last step is to make sure the water has no
bacteria by passing through a 10 gal per minute
ultraviolet light to destroy the DNA of any bacteria
that may be left,which includes an audible alarm if
failure should occur.
7. Now that we have good water we have to have clean
bottles. Bottles go into the washer where they are
washed in 135 degrees soulution for one minute with
high-pressure pump and sprays. The bottle is then
washed in disinfecting solution for one minute with
high-pressure pump and spray, and finally rinsed with
fresh pure water.Saskatoon Bottled Water Co. will
NEVER refill a dirty bottle as the case with refill
vending machines.
8. Water and bottles meet at the bottling machine where
they are filled and capped.

We are checked on a regular basis by both the Federal
Health Dept. and the City of Saskatoon Health Dept.