Reverse Osmosis Machines
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 4 -Stage RO with 3/8" Line from Tank
Made In Canada
FOR ONLY    $449.00






Stage One:.    Sediment Filter, 5-micron Spun Poly Cartridge .........

Stage Two:.    Taste and Odor Filter, 5-micron Carbon Block  .........

Stage Three:. TDS Removal, Reverse    Osmosis  Membrane 

STage  Four :  Final Taste and  Odor

Tank :              4 Gallon Steel Tank


    Automatic shutoff

    Orifice Flow Restrictor

    Long Reach (non air-gap) Faucet

    Saddle Valve

    Drain Clamp

    3/8 line to tank and Faucet. line from inlet water line


   3/8 line from the tank to the faucet provides higher flow

   rates,reducing the amount of time needed to fill bottles

   or cooking pots.


We have selected this unit for ease of use  and reliability and can be easily installed 

by the homeowner. Priced  $249.00 this RO units has excellent value for the purchaser.


We have included an link at the bottom of this page with complete installation instructions.


If you have filter replacement needs we stock a number of filters for your needs


For more information call

email us

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