Our History
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Tom Sr. (our father) launched Dazzle Products Ltd. in 1962, originally manufacturing bleach products for  industrial/ commercial use. He later added equipment to purify water for retail sales, as well as party ice and valu salt products to round out the company product line. In the mid 70's Tom Sr.also began packaging bath and cleaning products for various clients.Tom Jr. joined the company in the early 70's with brother Dan entering the firm in 1980.Both brothers learned from their father's entrepreneurial spirit and the way he looked for and reacted to windows of growth.
When Tom Sr. passed away in the 70's his wife Dorothy assumed responsibility for the company.When she died in the early 1980s Tom Jr. was left to control the Dazzle organization and move his fathers dream of growth ahead.
Armed with knowledge, determination and committment both brothers realized that as the marketplace was changing so must their business mix. A friend from Calgary suggested that water coolers might be an interesting add-on to the venture and Dazzle shortly became the first company in Saskatoon to sell Water Coolers and Bottled Water.
The bleach business was sold and the company's historical relationship with the wholesale sector diminished rapidly as profit margins remained unsatisfactory. Hence the Madden brothers decided that their real opportunity lay in running a business with Water Coolers and Bottled Water as there primary focus and,as a result created Saskatoon Bottled Water Co.which remains today as the core of the Madden enterprise. 
The company (which has outlets province -wide) is able to remain at a manageble level of operation, prioritizing customer service and word of mouth referils as the key to there growth. Both brothers equal, partners in the operation, share equally the responsibilities for a comfortable family business relationship.
The future? We will be continuously keeping the door open to new growth potential and opportunites that come along. We are not ready to rest on our current growth but will carry on the tradition of our father in looking at the world around us and being open-minded and open-hearted about new things.  
Some names you might recognize.
Dazzle Bleach
Better Bleach
Valu Iodized Salt
Valu Coarse Pickling Salt
Valu Deicing Salt
Crystal Purfired Water 4L
Crystal Drinking Water 10L
Alpine Purfiied Water 4L
BBQ Bricks 
Dazzle Party Ice   

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